Me Time: The Grinberg Method

A while ago, I was invited to a posture workshop. Just what I need, I thought to myself.  I spend far too much time sitting, whether it’s in the car, in front of the computer or in front of the TV.  As do we all, I’m sure. So I went along, thinking you, dear readers, would love to hear about how to improve your posture, expecting to be pulled and tweaked into a better sitting and standing position.  Perhaps I would learn a few exercises that I could impart to you to strengthen long forgotten muscles, perhaps some breathing exercises. This is what I was expecting to get out of my hour session*. What I actually got was nothing that I had expected and probably everything I, in truth and unknowingly, needed.

Rachel Glendinning is the founder of Bloom and a practitioner of the Grinberg Method.  Like me, I’m sure you’re unfamiliar with the practice, so, in a couple of sentences; it’s a process that focuses on personal development through learning about and being more in tune with your own body and it’s a recovery process that teaches how to manage and deal with pain through exercises, breathing, relaxation etc. It’s really hard to describe it fully as I think, from my one hour session, that the experience could be very different for each person, depending on their needs at that point in time.

I honestly thought I’d be stretched, realigned and pulled to oblivion. Instead, I lay down, barefoot, and Rachel spent time examining my feet, and was able to tell so much about my well-being (or lack of) just by ‘reading’ the soles of my feet. Breathing exercises, focussing on certain things such as past or important events in my life and talking about them were also very much part of the diagnosis. It was uncanny how much Rachel was able to tell about my condition, mental, emotional and physical.

Although I wasn’t hurling myself around the room doing arduous physical exercise, I honestly came away from my session feeling taller, lighter in spirit and able to deal with the situations that send me into emotional spirals. As Rachel explained, stress or stressful situations have an immediate effect on our physical deportment and hence on the way we carry ourselves and our posture. Once I felt I had the confidence to deal with the situations that normally have me running for the hills, I was literally holding my head up high.  

Amazing what a difference our mental state can make not only to our physical wellbeing, but also to the physical stature.

There’s so much more to the Grinberg Method than I’ve written here. Rachel’s website, gives a really good introduction to what it is and how it might help you and there’s so much more online, so it’s worth a Google. 

If you’ve promised yourself some proper “me time” this year to focus on yourself from every angle, this would be a really good place to start.
P.S. That’s not me in the photos with Rachel, incase you’re wondering!


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