Lashing Out! Dreamweave Mascara

So in the last post, I was talking about this new mascara* that promises the fake lash look without a fiddly tube of glue in sight, but all I showed you was the box and the tube. Hardly seems fair, does it? So here, without further ado, is a quickie with the necessaries – the “Before” and “After”!

Top photo – no mascara
Bottom photo – one coat of Dreamweave Mascara

And because I thought this was so amazing, some more of the “After” shots:

All this is with only one coat of mascara and no lash curler; you could, if you wanted, apply two coats, but I really didn’t think it was necessary.  In fact, with just the one coat, my lashes were just about touching my eyebrows! Ta-dah!

Have you tried this mascara? I’d love to know what you think of it? I have another brand to try out that I’ll review soon, but for now, this one is rocking my boat!



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