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It’s a cruel world isn’t it? Just as I started to think about shaping up for the party season and New Year non-resolutions to get and keep fit, toned and healthy started to shuffle toward to the front of my conscious brain, so too the weather changed dramatically. I’m not die-hard enough to want to go out for a run in sub-zero temperatures, (fair weather runner, anyone?) and even a trip to the gym starts looks unattractive.  And if the snow that threatened to fall had made good on it’s promise, then I’d have been snowed into my road.

Add to that the pressure to look fabulous in all those party dresses in the run-up to Christmas and New Year (not to mention my birthday the week after, i.e. next week!!), and the excuse of piling on the pounds with  “well, it’s Christmas” starts to look rather lame. So this year, I made sure I had no excuses.  I made sure I had all I needed at home for a full-workout.  No Arctic conditions were going to scupper my best-laid plans for the body beautiful. Not that I needed anything new, to tell the truth.  Yes, I’ve already accumulated dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, a Swiss ball, not to mention the power plate and the treadmill that I’ve sold, but in my defence, most of these things were bought by my fitness-freak other half, so I claim no responsibility for those. 

But, there’s always room for more. At least that’s my life philosophy! So I present to the newest weapons in my fitness arsenal.  The AB-MXR* (£60-75 depending on the weight) is a compact little weight that’s shaped to give the perfect angle for the neck for ab crunches when placed behind the head, but because it’s weighted and has handles, it’s oh-so-much more!  It’s not just that ab crunches are so much more challenging when there’s a 3kg weight behind your head. This little beauty pumps up a full body workout, adding oomph to triceps, biceps, shoulders, squats, lower back moves…. you name it, this little bug-like bad boy will take your home workout to the next level.  It comes in different weights, so you could start out with the cheapest 1kg version and work your way up to the 5kg one (I have the 3kg, because I’m hardcore like that!). There’s a DVD to accompany it, but I’ve found many exercises I can do with the AB-MXR without reaching for the DVD player.

One of my favourite workout tools in the gym is the BOSU (the half swiss ball) but for some unfathomable reason, I’ve never had one at home, so I was really chuffed to be able to trial The Body Balance Ball (£89) by Medicarn,* a new one that’s being launched for home use.  Not only do I love this for toning my obliques, this version is on speed with the addition of the resistance bands with handles, so that all manner of exercises such as shoulder raises, bicep curls and tricep extensions are given an extra challenge.

After a 30 min fitness class with the M.E.M. GymBoys, who use the AB-MXR to get those abs!!! No photoshopping these six-packs –
these are the real deal!

With the AB-MXR and the BOSU, I’ll have the strongest abs in town…. six-pack here I come!  Not sure I’ll ever be as chiselled as these boys though…?

Key to a healthy exercise plan is keeping fully hydrated, so this Hydros* bottle is my perfect companion.  Not only will I make sure to drink enough water everyday, (one of my perennial goals), this little wonder filters the water all by itself, so there’s no excuse to not fill up when I’m at a friend’s house, or even in a restaurant or on my way out from a meeting – a quick pitstop at the nearest basin or sink,  and I’ll have filtered water-to-go! 

I’m feeling super worthy too, as not only is it saving me money on buying bottled water, the Hydros philosophy is steeped in giving back. Part of the proceeds from each bottle sold helps to fund sustainable water infrastructure projects around the world, where clean drinking water can’t be taken for granted like it can here in the West. Projects in Cameroon and Kenya are bringing much needed clean water to villages.

The one I have is a press sample, but I’ll be buying a few more for everyone in my family – that way, I’ll save money on buying water, and we’ll feel that in some small way, we’re giving something back. I’ll be writing a full review of the bottle soon in a future blog post and I’ll update this with UK price and stockist as soon as I have it, but to give you an idea, it’s priced at $27.99 in the States.

Any other wonder products out there that you think will help me in my quest for the body beautiful? Let me know in the comments below.

Oh, and if you’re wondering just how much water you should be drinking (and eating via water-rich foods), I found this wonderful site which will calculate it for you – it’ll even tell you how much more you should add if you’re exercising!  You can find the website HERE – LINK!!



  1. 7 January 2013 / 2:43 am

    I…am intrigued! I want one! I’m starting the Insanity workout at home and it’s pretty hardcore, would be nice to try something different though!

    • 7 January 2013 / 12:55 pm

      Oooh, I’ve heard of Insanity! I was thinking of trying something called PX90 workout – have you heard of that one? Is Insanity better?
      Thanks so much for your comment 🙂

  2. 7 January 2013 / 6:18 pm

    I miss a good sweat at the gym, gone are the days of my two work out followed by a some time in the sauna. These days its all about running behind my toddler. The water bottle sounds interesting and is certainly something I can still use in my ‘new life’ lol.

    • 7 January 2013 / 9:59 pm

      The water bottle is a bit of a god-send! Hope you manage to snatch some time to yourself 🙂
      Thanks so much for the comment

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