A sad confluence of four events in the space of a few short months means that I have been going through the most stressful period of my life at the moment, and something I wouldn’t wish on my worse enemy, (not that I have any enemies I’m aware of…).

Anyway, it just so happened that I was sent some samples sizes of some lovely skincare products to try out that work not only on giving your great skin, but also work on your emotional wellbeing too.  With the constant travelling up and down the country that the situation requires, their portability and raison d’être made them the obvious choice for the overnight bag.
Dr Linda Papadopoulos is a well-known and respected psychologist who you’ve probaby seen many times on the TV.  She’s pretty, smart, intelligent and articulate.  She knows from her experience that stressed skin becomes less supple, less hydrated and more prone to blocked pores. Taken to a higher level, stress causes the skin to age faster and extreme levels of stress can trigger conditions such as excema, psoriasis and spots.  So when she developed her range of psychodermatology skin care, she made sure to address everyday skin care concerns along with one of the primary internal causes of premature ageing – stress. 

The myriad of ingredients in the range of LP Skin Therapy work on so many different levels. Periwinkle extract and pomegranate fragrance, along with Vitacell and Tyronstan in the Multi-Task Day Cream work to boost both the skin and mind, fighting free radicals and working to improve skin thickness and elasticity. And it makes great base for make-up too.

The luxurious Overnight Replenish Cream contains a gold and platinum matrix to improve the delivery of the other ingredients, such as Collageneer, (derived from Lupin Seeds to promoted collagen synthesis).

I’ve been using all the products you can see above in trial sizes along with the Night Cream, and I have to say, I’ve been hugely impressed.  I can actually feel the Re-affirm Eye Serum tightening the delicate skin around the eye and the Uplifting Facial Water, although meant to be used as a toner, has a permanent place in my handbag for the odd spritz to get me through the low points of the day.

Even though I’m hoping for a happier, less stressful 2013, I’ll still continue to use this range as I love the effect it’s had on my skin.

Have you tried the Skin Therapy range? What do you think about the concept? If you want to find out more, here’s the LINK.

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