Zaggora Hot Tops – Hot from Top to Toe!

It’s no secret I love my Zaggora hot pants – I now have three pairs, and I honestly look forward to using them each and every time.  

But I know I can’t have been the only person who was wishing that there was something Zaggora-ish that they could wear on the upper body, just to double up the effects.  And what do you know! Zaggora have listened to us sweat-loving ladies and produced a range of top half vêtements that will have us sweating our way through our workouts, double-time!

I hate wearing sleeves when I’m working out, so this “Hot Top” tank top that Zaggora very kindly sent me to try out is beyond perfect.  I’ve since bought a couple more of these, as I love working out in them.  

I think I’ll be buying the Body Blazer soon too, for outdoor running, which targets the arms stomach, chest and back.  It’s even got a transparent, waterproof iPhone arm pocket and an inner pocket for keys and loose change – am I the only one that takes bus fare on a run, just in case I lose the will to run home? 🙂

Have you tried out Zaggora yet? Which are your favourite pieces?


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  1. 11 January 2013 / 5:16 pm

    I love Zaggora and I have the body blazer which is fab! Great for outdoor runs and it honestly makes me feel like a superhero! lol I have a hot top but it’s blue, I really want to invest in some black Zaggora gear. Fab post! I’m a new reader but loving your fitness posts. x

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