I’m a little bit fanatical about moisturising and my obsession only gets worse with the changing of the seasons.  Cold air outside coupled with warm, artificially heated air indoors is a perfect recipe for dehydrated, lacklustre skin.

Although I wouldn’t say I have dry skin – in fact, I vrey definitely fall into the ‘normal’ category – come the colder Autumn and Winter months, I take my moisturising up a notch and switch over to creams and lotions designed for dry skins – told you I’m fanatical!

I’ve always been a fan of Nivea for well-priced skincare and they’ve come up trumps again with their new Rescue & Care SOS range.  When you slather on as much lotion and cream as I like to do, you don’t want to be paying through the nose, literally calculating how much each drop is costing as it sinks into the skin. So the SOS Body Lotion at £3.56 for 250ml (that’s quarter of a litre!!) and the  SOS Hand Balm at £3.63 for 50ml (super concentrated, a little goes a long way) perfectly fit the bill.

The Body Lotion boasts ’48 hour relief from dryness” but given that I have at least one shower every 24 hours, I’m not sure how much use that is to me.  What I CAN tell you is it is beautifully moisturising, absorbs almost immediately with no greasy, shiny-ness, so no waiting around before getting dressed.

The Hand Balm is rather like an old favourite, Neutrogena’a Concentrated Hand Cream. It contains Dexpanthenol, which acts like a moisturiser, improving hydration, reducing transepidermal water loss and maintains skin softness and elasticity. 

Both the products contain Nivea’s Hydra IQ which supports the skin’s own moisture supply, so that the skin, especially the hands, still feel soft and moisturised even after frequent washing.

These two are definitely part of my arsenal in the fight against winter damage to the skin.

What else would you recommend?



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