The Skin: Lighter & Brighter Mask

I’ve got a new theory.  If I want a shortcut route to knowing how good a skincare range is, try out the mask first.  The way I see it, the brand will have packed it full of all the best things the other skincare products will be boasting, and it’s a quick way to see some instant results.

Well, that’s my theory anyway.

So right now I’m trying out a new mask from the Lighter & Brighter range by ES Skincare*.  It, along with it’s accompanying Face Cream, promises to work gently to reduce pigmentation, dark circles and even out the skintone.  If you have darker skin – such as Asian skin, like mine – then you already know that your skin is more prone to pigmentation problems, especially after exposure to the sun and with no small thanks to the ravages of time.

The science bit:

Both the Lighter & Brighter Cream and the Mask contain an active ingredient called Kojic Dipalmitate that occurs naturally in a Japanese mushroom, which is known to successfully lighten pigment spots and skin discolouration – a true magic mushroom, ha ha!!  It works by inhibiting the production an enzyme called Tyrosinase, which in turn plays a crucial part in producing melanin…. you can see where I’m going with this.  If you can inhibit the production of melanin (albeit in a very gentle way) you can minimise skin discolouration – ta dah!
It also contains lemon extract, which I suppose would help in the lightening effect.

Although you can use the Face Cream twice a day, morning and night, the Mask is to be used three times a week until you can see the results you are happy with, and then once a week to maintain the improved skin tone.  You apply the mask and either remove after 20 minutes, or for real impact, you can leave it on overnight.

Although I don’t have obvious uneven skin tone, I’ll be looking out for an improved overall brightness, softness, younger looking skin and a “glow” that the products are said to impart. 

Check back in about six-eight weeks, by which time I’ll report back with my verdict!

Have you tried this before? Or any other skin brightness treatment you think I should try?

*PR Sample



  1. November 12, 2012 / 12:31 am

    Havent tried this yet, actually hadnt heard of it before this post but I want to know. I need a new face mask and one that claims brightening is one I would love to try:)

    Sara xx

  2. November 12, 2012 / 8:27 am

    I havent tried this yet i must keep an eye out for your review i need something like this as the winter months always seem to make my skin dull and boring 🙂

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