Style: TASSEL by [ying]

Come the winter, all I want to do is wrap my self up in lots of cosy jumpers and drink hot chocolate from a huge mug that’s bigger than my face.  But so much knitwear out there is a bit to same-y for my tastes, a little bit fuddy duddy and a little bit…. well, just dull.

So you’ll understand why my heart started racing double time when I saw the new designs from TASSEL by Ying – directional, different, funky and relatively affordable for designer knitwear!

I loved every single design, from the really deconstructed sleeveless top to the much more wearable asymmetric  T-shirt style.  I don’t much like the way the model has been made up in the promotional postcards, but hey, each stylist to their own, and I guess it kind of ties in with the style and message of the clothes, so who am I to argue?

The designer was inspired by images and drawings of the London Underground, which I think you can see from these images:

I saw these at the Eskimo PR press day, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for when they are available in retail – and I bet I’ll beat you to the front of the queue!


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