A combination of the gift buying season colliding headfirst with long cold nights brings all the gorgeous smelling candles to centre stage.  While there are dozens of brands producing candles to suit all budgets, there’s always one that stands head, shoulders and wick above the rest.
 Diptyque have been producing candles for the discerning scented candle lover for over 50 years and for many people, the Diptyque candle brings back many memories of their childhood, especially of Christmases with their family – me included!  So when a few of us were invited down to the Diptyque store in Mayfair for an evening of sipping, nibbling and surrounding ourselves in a little scented heaven, I jumped at the chance.

While I can’t bring you the scents and smells of the evening – I’m still waiting for the internet to catch up with my demands – here’s a little peak into what regaled my senses.

As a special pre-Christmas gift, we were offered a little discount on purchases on the night, so of course, I did! Rude not to, I think! That’s Christmas pressies shopping started, then 🙂

Are you a huge fan of Diptyque? Tell me what you think?



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