Bottoms Up!

If I could have just one thing for Christmas this year, it would be a perfectly pert little bottom.  One that wouldn’t be out of place sashaying it’s way down a Victoria’s Secrets catwalk. That would look ah-maze-ing on the beach.  That would look sexy in a pair of skinny jeans – the ultimate city girls’ test?  

With only a month to go till Christmas, and no real sign of a fairy godmother waving her magicial wand, it’s time to take the matter into my own hands.

So, on a daily basis, for the next month, I’m on the attack! I’ll be primping and preening until I see the results I want.

First weapon in my battle for super-sexiness is regular dry body brushing.  Yes, I know should be doing this everyday anyway, but let’s just say I’ve been rather lax in the self-improvement department.  So this is the first stage of the attack, before my daily shower.

Second in my daily arsenal is exfoliation.  I’ll be using whatever I have to hand – my current fave is the Laline Body Scrub in Lemon Grass, but I’ve also got the St Ives Scrub and the Nivea Radiantly Smooth Body Scrub hanging out the shower and if I run out of these, I’ll make my own using salt or sugar and a carrying agent such as one of my luxurious body oils – I’ve got to make it luxurious, otherwise I know I’ll give up if it seems too much like hard work.

Last but by no means least in my cache, I’ll be slathering on the Dr.Ceuticals Bottom Lift & Tone gel.*

This clear gel massaged in twice daily after a shower on dry skin promises to make my skin upto 39% firmer and it could appear upto 24% more toned, improve the appearance of any cellulite (ahem!) and overall moisturise and soften my baby soft skin.  While I don’t have the wherewithal to do any scientific calculations to see if it measures up to it’s promises, you can bet I’ll be keeping a keen eye on progress.

So far, I love the smell – very fresh and clean, and it absorbs really quickly – so important when every second counts in the morning getting-out-of-the-door routine.

I’ll be continuing my exercise regime and eating healthily to really capitalise on the benefits and I promise to report back in a month’s time!

This is war, people!

*PR sample



  1. 26 November 2012 / 9:34 pm

    I hope you’ll tell us about the result!
    Since a few months I try it as well. I do the dry-brushing and use some special body shapening massage oil. Especially my thights got smaller, but this can also be because I lost weight, but it tightend the skin nontheless =)

    • 26 November 2012 / 9:41 pm

      Hi Hana, thank so much for your comment!
      Which oil did you use? I hope to lose a little weight as well, so I’m glad to hear it tightens the skin which is so important when one loses weight!
      Well done you – hope I can be as successful as you 🙂

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