Pamper Time: Tea Bath Soaks

The idea of luxuriating in a bath is invariably, for me, more glorious than the actual bath itself.  Ironically, it’s because I’m always too busy that I find I’m too impatient and want to get out within three minutes… ironic because it’s probably just the thing I need to help me to slow down.

Perhaps these lovely new bath salts will help me along the path towards bath enlightenment.  These fragranced tea bath soaks dissolve into the water for a beautifully fragranced pool of water in which to lie back and relax.

There are three fragrances: Green Tea, Ginseng and White Tea, which all sound divine… and if really can’t relax in the bath, I could always use them as hand or foot soaks…. if I could just find the time!

The cost £4.99 each and you can get them HERE.


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