Over the weekend, I was lucky enough to be able to go to Salon International 2012, an annual “exhibition” for the hairdressing trade.  I was there, not because I’m training to become a hairdresser – don’t ever let me near a pair of scissors in the vicinity of a head of hair! – but because I’d been invited along to try out the KeraStraight intensive hair conditioning treatment, which you can read about HERE.

It was my first time to Salon International, so although there was a huge amount of the unknown there, I had fun snapping away and I through I’d share a few of my memories of the day with you.

Heading home!
View from a train… going home!

Of course, I could’t resist buying a few goodies while I was there, so I’ll be writing reviews of them all soon!

Have you ever been to Salon International? Which beauty exhibitions do you recommend?


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