Slender.  Tone.  Two words that conjure up a whole host of images.  Lithe bodies, super-sleek, taut skin, beautiful muscle definition.  I’ve long had a Slendertone for the dreaded tummy area but I was lucky enough to be asked to go along to the (re)launch of the Slendertone Face.

Banish all thoughts of cumbersome, unattractive torturous machinery all over your face.  The Slendertone Face is a beautifully designed, futuristic-looking headset-style apparatus that’s as easy and comfortable to wear as a set of headphones.  No slippery messy annoying gels to apply.  Gel-impregnated self-adhesive pads attach like children’s stickers to the pad receptors in a flash, so that you can be up and running with this little baby within minutes of opening the box.  Oh, ok, you do have to recharge the little control box before you use it, but I mean, after that.


What I’m trying to say is that this really is super easy to use.  Don’t be put off by thoughts of pain either.  There really is none.  Pain, that is.  You control the level of charge running through the device, and you can take it up or down at any time.  Each side of the face is controlled separately, so you can fully customise your ‘workout’.  There are three different programmes you can choose from: my two favourites are the “exercise workout” which lasts 20 minutes and the “radiance workout” which lasts 10 minutes and is great for a quick pick-me-up just before going out. (It boosts circulation to the skin, so you literally glow with health!)


And that’s really what this is.  It’s a workout for the face.  We all get busy working out our body muscles, whether it’s at home or at the gym, but it’s just as important for the facial muscles too.  Think about it.  If the muscles under the skin are not toned, you can’t really expect your skin to look toned, now can you?

I’ve been using this religiously since the beginning of July (I even took it with me on my summer holiday!) and I’m now a woman obsessed.  I can really see the difference it’s made to my skin and especially to the under-eye area.  Once you’ve invested in it (it’s currently on offer on the Slendertone website for £250 – £50 off the regular retail price) the only real expense is replacing the gel pads, which are £25 for twelve sets.  The battery is rechargeable, so for an ongoing price of £25 every three months, (you can use each pad for 5 sessions, so that’s one set of pads per week, as you’re supposed to fit in 5 sessions a week), I think this is great value, considering the difference I can see in my skin and face.

P.S. I just wanted to add, I know it’s a considered investment, but honestly, if I didn’t already own it, and I saw the transformation in a friend’s face that I’ve seen in mine, I would be saving up right now… that or putting on my Christmas Wish List!

Slendertone Face, £120, buy here

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