Miners Eyeshadows

I’m loving these new eyeshadows from Miners, they’re everything you want from an eyeshadow at only £3.49 for the Solos and £3.99 for the Trios – what more do you want?

They’re what I would call medium-pigmented, super smooth, finely milled and blend really beautifully – all of which is great to find in a high street brand.

The Solos

Luna and Stardust
Jewel and Nautical

L-R: Luna, Stardust, Emerald and Nautical

I’m really looking forward to using the shimmering deep green Emerald paired with the matte navy Nautical for a fashion-foward smokey eye. Luna and Stardust would work on my skin tone only if used very sparingly – they’d make great highlighters, especially Stardust with it’s golden peachy tones.

The Trios

Humbug and Stone-Washed

Stone-Washed, swatched
Humbug is a great little kit for a classic smokey eye look, while the blues in Stone-Washed would be great on a lighter skin tone than mine.

Safari and Goddess

Safari, swatched

I’ve been sporting Safari all day, it’s super wearable and long-lasting, and a perfect “go-to” make-up for everyday. I used the base shade (in the middle) all over, the lighter brown in the crease to define, and the darkest as a liner, with a wet eyeliner brush.

Unfortunately, none of the “face made-up” photos I took were any good (of course, I’m blaming the camera!), but I’ll have another go in a couple of days and update this blog post, so do check back if you can.

What’s your “go-to” eye look?


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