Arm-Candy Alert! 

I’m going to be writing a separate feature on this very soon, “showcasing” my attempts at recreating Vanesa Guellar’s fabulous looks for the eyes using Boots 17 new eyeliners, but for now, I just wanted to give you a little insider-look and show you this little video that was taken on the night.

A few bloggers were invited to watch Boots 17 Make-Up Artist Vanesa at work, and then we had a little go at recreating Vanesa’s three different eye-liner looks, the winner bagging herself LFW backstage tickets. (No sadly, I didn’t win, but quite frankly, I don’t think I deserved to!).

And here’s a little lookie into what we got up to – picture heavy today, hope you enjoy it.

p.s. check out the arm candy in the top photo – style post coming soon 🙂

The Smokey Glitter Look

The Graphic Look

The Babydoll Flick

Vanesa checking out my eye-lining skills!


Me and Vanesa
I’m going to try all three looks, and post them here very soon – I just love a challenge!

What’s your favourite eyeliner look?


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