Yesterday I wrote about the gorgeous Empower eye palette from Illamasqua but I need to tell you about the other gorgeous, lust-have products also in the Generation Q collection that is launching on 6th September.

The Generation Q collection is aimed at real women, and so they’ve used real women, not models, (and not real women who are probably models, which I hate) in the ad campaign.  The campaign talks to women aged 30+ and when I say + I mean up to whenever women stop wearing make-up. So what’s that then? 75? 80? To prove their point, and putting their money where their lipsticked-mouth is, one of their models is the very beautiful Eve who is over 70 and nominated to be part of the campaign by her granddaughter.

The glamourous dressing table at the launch, and the very glamourous Eve

I went along to the press launch, which seems like ages ago now, and saw the whole range and I have to say, I loved it all.  I’ve been wearing quite a bit of it since, and the Empower eye palette is the only eye palette I took with me on holiday – and that’s saying something! You can see more photos by clicking on this link HERE.

Empower Eye Palette

My other favourite from the range is the gorgeous Allure blusher.  It’s a beautiful peach with a slight gold shimmer that really warms the skin.  You don’t really notice the glitter, it just lights up the skin.  It’s perfect for Asian skins, and even with my current, soon-to-fade tan, it looks amazing.  As they say at Illamasqua, this is “permissible shimmer” i.e., very wearable, day or night.

And these are the other bits that I’ve been playing with:

Allure Blusher

Intense Lipgloss in Opulent – and it really is!

Lipstick in Underworld – Looks great worn with Opulent over the top

Nail Varnish in Charisma

There’s a whole load more in the collection as you can see from the photograph:

I’ve got my eye on the other Intense Lip Gloss in Boost, the other lipstick in Magnetism and the Gleam Highlighter in Aurora.  

Intense Lipgloss in Opulent
Precision Ink Eyeliner in Wisdom
Intense Lipgloss in Boost

Lipstick in Magnestism
Lipstick in Underworld

I think you could say I’m becoming addicted to Illamasqua.  On my way back from the press launch, I went into the store in Soho, and bought a while load more stuff! Which of course, I’ll write about for you here.

You can find the collection on the Illamasqua website HERE.

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