Bodyism, #FitBod and little heart-to-heart

If you follow me on Twitter (@ambarinahasan) or on Instagram (@ambarina), you’ll know three things about me:

1.  I’ve just been away for a ridiculously long holiday in Puerto Banus, Marbella
2. I got food poisoning for the last week of the holiday
3. My home got broken into and burgled just as we got back from holiday

The first bit, the holiday, is the reason I am now a few kilos (ahem) heavier than I like to be – too much eating out and drinking will do that to a girl.
The second bit, while awful and debilitating and all that, was in some ways a godsend, as I managed to lose a couple of those kilos before coming back from holiday.
And the third, well, it’s just awful in so many ways.  Violation of privacy, a shock to the system, makes one wary of just about everyone, and all-consuming mentally.

So, you’ll appreciate it’s taken a few days to get back on track with just about everything in my life.  

But as of yesterday, no more hibernating, licking my wounds and feeling sorry for myself (for numbers 2 and 3, obviously not for number 1!).

I feel like myself again and raring to go! 

I’m taking charge, taking control and getting back into writing, fitness, friends and life in general.

Firstly, it’s a return to the gym.  Mr H, that fine purveyor of fitness information and all-round health and fitness obsessed, has written me a gruelling workout plan that I’ll be following TO THE LETTER (his words, not mine!).  And I’ve given up my personal trainer, so if I don’t work out hard enough, I’ve only got myself to blame.

And as we all know, weight loss is 80% what you eat, so I’ve taken the plunge and taken the Bodyism route to a beautiful body.

I’ve been on the supplements and food plan for three days and so far, I’m really impressed.  Although not cheap, I ordered the Start Here pack and the Body Serenity (I’ll do anything for a good night’s sleep!) on Sunday night, and it was all with me by Tuesday morning, in time for breakfast!

So here’s the plan:

First thing in the morning, I take the cup of warm water with a a squeeze of lemon to kickstart the system, and then I have a scoop of Body Brilliance with the Ultimate Clean Probiotic Fibre mixed with water, along with a breakfast of egg white omelette and a Omega Brilliance capsule and a Multi Optimum Vitamin capsule.  If I haven’t got time for the eggs, then I use almond milk instead of water to transform the shake into something more substantial so it can pass for breakfast in situ of chewing something.

Lunch is either fish or chicken with a salad or veg, along with the capsules again, and dinner is much the same. If I’m feeling the need for something more “carby”, some brown rice normally fulfils my needs.

Last thing at night (the instructions say around twenty minutes before you hit the sack), I take a scoop of the Body Serenity with a scoop of the Fibre and then it’s sweet dreams.

I have to say, of all the products, the one I was most sceptical about was the Body Serenity.  I mean, seriously, how can a powder-into-shake formula really help me to sleep better.  But bizarrely enough, since I’ve been taking it, I’ve slept like a baby, even with the worries of the current happenings floating around my head.  I must look into the science of WHY it works so well, but right, now, I’m just glad that it does.

So that’s it.  The odd snack of a few almonds may well have passed my lips, and possibly a little houmous.  But nothing too drastically off kilter.  And I have to remember I’ve just been indulging for a month.  So I feel I need to slowly ease my body into “being good”, not pushing it over a cliff with over-enthusiasm.

I’ll report back on how I’m getting on, but for now, #FitBod is back!



  1. Anonymous
    25 November 2012 / 12:58 pm

    What a lovely read! I’ve just started the clean and lean way of life, I wanted to know how each of the shakes tasted? Esp, the Body Brilliance please 🙂 They are quite expensive so I wanted to know if it was worth it? 🙂

    Thank you!

    • 26 November 2012 / 3:33 pm

      Hi Anon, thank so much for your comment.
      Yes, they are quite expensive, especially my favourite of the lot, the Probiotic Fibre, which is quite a small bag compared to the cost.
      But they were great and not too disgusting… in fact, after a few days, you actually get to like them! The Fibre has a chocolately taste, so it’s not too unpleasant.
      The fact that I’d spent so much money made to stick to my intentions all the more – maybe that’ll help you too?
      In fact, you’ve reignited me in my quest for Fitbod, so thank you, I’ll be going Clean and Lean again from now until Christmas!

  2. Anonymous
    26 November 2012 / 7:33 pm

    Oooh Thank you! I’m only a day in but I feel great, I’ll make sure I get the shakes soon (the pictures in the books are very inspiring) 😉 Have you bought the resistance bands? If so how are they? I wish you all the luck in getting to your goal! 🙂

    • 26 November 2012 / 8:24 pm

      That’s fabulous| Which of the books are you following? I bought the starter pack, (twice over) so you get the green band as part of the pack – and although it’s meant to be the easiest of the bands, it’s actually tough enough! Wiish you all the luck too – what’s your goal?

  3. Anonymous
    27 November 2012 / 4:55 pm

    I’m around 86kg now, I’d like to get to around 63? 🙂 So it maybe a little tough! haha, I bought two of the three books, the cookbook and the flat tummy one, they’re both amazing! I use the fitness blenders workouts that you can find on youtube and try to do 30-45 mins a day, and I’ve lost 2lbs! I want to take the body brilliance with me during the day to drink, so I hope it tastes bearable! Do you use the bands often? And thank you once again! 😀 xxx

  4. Anonymous
    27 November 2012 / 6:11 pm

    I have the cookbook and the flat tummy fast 🙂 My goal is around 63 kg by may and I’m around 86 kg right now so wish me luck haha! What does body brilliance taste like? Thanks again! 🙂

  5. Anonymous
    10 May 2013 / 7:12 am

    Thanks very inspiring as I have been using the books and was thinking about supplements.

    • 10 May 2013 / 7:42 am

      How has your experience been with the the advice in the books? Can you see a difference? The supplements are quite expensive, but in my case, knowing I’d spent soooooo much money made me stick to the plan – weird psychology, eh?
      Thanks for your comment, good luck with it!

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