The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream

I’ve not really been too impressed with the currently available selection of BB creams until now.  Not because they don’t offer some amazing benefits, but because with my darker skin tone, it’s been really hard to find one that doesn’t make my skin look chalky white.

Until now, that is.

Step forward the new All-In-One BB Cream from The Body Shop. Ta-dah! 

I love The Body Shop to bits, always have such fond memories of many a Saturday afternoon perusing the shelves as a teenager and there are still products that I CANNOT be without. Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover, anyone?

Anyhow, those clever bods at The Body Shop have developed a BB cream in three shades, so there’ll be one that’s right for me …hurrah!

It’s a lightweight formulation providing 24-hours hydration and in theory it will colour-adapt to my skin shade, so essentially, it’s skincare and make-up in one step.  Apparently there are pigment-filled capsules that burst when applied to the skin, so that I can literally blend it to suit my skin tone. 

As ever with the good people from The Body Shop, there’s an element of doing good.  This little tube contains Community Fair Trade marula oil, sourced from the Eudafano Women’s Cooperative in Namibia. 

I’ll be testing it out and reporting back on the blog, but just so you know, it’ll be available from August for £12 from HERE.


  1. TarteAuxFraises

    I’ve never managed to use body shop items without feeling awful because of all the extra bad chemicals they have in them.

    All the fake scented ingredients make my migraines spike like crazy and the other fakies make my skin flake and get dry patches 🙁 such a shame.

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