Pantene Pro-V and Cancer Hair Care

Cancer is the silent killer amongst us.  With callous disregard for age, gender, and even lifestyle choices, it really is the great leveller and as yet there is still no cure, although fingers crossed, in our lifetime.  Chances are we each of us know someone who has suffered, or at the very least, know someone who knows someone who has.

The double whammy comes when a woman is being treated for cancer and is facing the prospect of losing her hair.  Hair is so often regarded as one of the symbols of femininity – cue ad campaigns featuring models with lush hair swishing in the wind.  Consider that over 100,000 women in the UK have to deal with hair loss following cancer treatment AS WELL as dealing with the scary life-threatening disease, and it’s no wonder that it’s often all too much to bear.  Not only is it traumatic when losing one’s hair, it’s also just as difficult as the hair grows back, when one is faced with hairdressers who won’t cut or colour the new hair, for fear of getting it “wrong”.

So ANYTHING that helps women to deal with the issues and the practical logistics of dealing with hair loss is to be applauded and supported.

Step forward Cancer Hair Care, a charity dedicated to helping women through this unimaginably scary time in their lives.  It’s a small charity, founded in 2005 by hairdresser Jasmin Julia Gupta, to help with the practicalities and the emotional stress and confusion, offering education and advice relating to hair loss, ranging from how to tie a scarf to fitting a wig to look “right” to just being a shoulder to cry on and an understanding ear.

Now, Pantene have committed to support the incredible work already carried out by Cancer Hair Care by donating funds to enable the charity to help more women in a wider capacity.  Apart from an initial charitable donation, Pantene has created limited edition packs for Pantene Pro-V Shampoo and Conditioner.

As of August, each bottle of Shampoo or Conditioner sold featuring the special logo will mean a 5p donation to the charity.  And this means more resources will be available on the website, including support videos, live chat, and informative features.

Cat Deeley, already the face of Pantene, has put her full support behind the initiative, already having spent time with women who have been through cancer, been through the hair loss and are ‘ambassadors’ for the charity to help and inspire women who are going through the same issues.

If you want to find out more about the charity and the amazing work they have are doing go to and if someone you know is facing the prospect of hair loss as a result of cancer treatment, point them in the direction of the website too.



  1. 22 January 2013 / 7:44 am

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  2. 22 January 2013 / 11:38 am

    The chances of surviving the disease vary greatly by the type and location of the cancer and the extent of disease at the start of treatment. While cancer can affect people of all ages, and a few types of cancer are more common in children, the risk of developing cancer generally increases with age. Thanks.

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