Hoping in vain for some sun, I’ve been playing with some summer shades for the nails and this little concoction was loads of fun!

I used two coats of Lancôme’s Vernis in Love in Aquamarine (501B) and cocktailed it with a generous topping of OPI’s Save Me glitter, from the Nicki Minaj collection launched earlier this year. 

Save Me is itself like a cocktail of holographic glitters, blending finely ground silver-based glitter with longer flecks and strips in a rainbow of multicolours, which makes it very wearable over just about any nail colour, and it even looks great worn on its own. (But if you do wear it alone, I would use a minimum of two coats of it for proper coverage).  

I think it looks best over a blue or a candy-pink, to really bring out the colours of the glitter.

P.S. So sorry about the little finger – in a rush to photograph, a smudged it a little…. please don’t judge me!

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