High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara by Clinique

I think I’ll let my lashes do the talking!

Oh ok then, here’s some info:

This is the High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara from Clinique – same formula as the previous one, but with a new, all-singing, all dancing brush.  As you move the brush along the lashes, it literally feels like it’s “gripping” each and every hair, coating the lashes all round.  My lashes felt stretched and lifted, and although there’s no curling technology in the formula, it lifts the lashes so well, the little blighters have no choice but to curl!!

Fret not about the luminous green brush – the minute you pull the brush out, it is supremely coated with jet black mascara just waiting to hug your lashes, so you might never see it in all it’s green glory.

I actually only needed one coat of the mascara to achieve this look, but I have tried it with two coats and the effect is even more amazing!

And there’s no worries that you’re ruining your lashes with this high performance mascara; the panthenol, pantethine, sodium hyaluronate and hydrolized wheat protein all condition the lashes while you look all bambi-eyed.

It’s available in either Black or Extreme Black – I’ve worn Extreme Black.

But of course.


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  1. anita Kumar
    11 June 2012 / 8:48 am

    Brilliant review!
    I use the YSL one but it is really difficult to take off…what was this like compared to the YSL one and what is it like to take off?
    Keep up the great work….love it
    Anita x

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