Marc Jacobs Dot – the newest fragrance, soon to be launched

So just a short while ago, it was Calvin Klein announcing his new range of cosmetic (admittedly in Spain, which I’ll be checking out for you next week on my hols) and then the States before expanding out further.

Now Marc Jacobs, that purveyor of all those uber cool, has announced his foray into the world of make-up, in collaboration with Sephora, and according to reports, he’s incredibly excited about it! “I see makeup, fragrance – everything, really as an opportunity.  The idea of choosing a colour for your lip, or an eyeliner – it’s just such a delight” he says, although I’m not sure he’ll be spending ages every morning on which lip liner he’ll be applying.

The launch will be quite a way off, though, as he’s only just had the first meeting last week. And if it’s exclusive to Sephora, don’t get too excited, as I’m not sure how we’ll get it here in the UK.  Perhaps some kind hearted friend will whisk some over for me? I can only live in hope 🙂



  1. 4 April 2012 / 2:30 am

    i dont even care what it smells like…i love the bottle design LOL

    • 4 April 2012 / 9:54 am

      I know… me too!!

      But for the record, in case you’re vaguely interested, it’s meant to be a “floral-fruity scent, surrounded with exotic notes of coconut and wrapped in a soft vanilla embrace”…. which just makes me want it even more!


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