Leighton Denny Stunning NOTD

 No, I’m not saying I’m stunning! Nor that LD is, although that’s totally subjective and far be it from me to sway anyone on that!

A couple of days ago, I just couldn’t decide on a colour to paint my nails.  It was really really bad, dear readers…. I’m not talking indecision between a couple of shades. I couldn’t even focus on whether I should go for a red, blue, green, deep dark colour or a simple natural shade.  So finally, I ended up with two different shades, each perfectly applied on each hand.  They were similar enough not to be embarrassing, but it was definitely noticeable.

So Stunning is the name of the beautiful natural pink that I went with on my right hand. I’ve had hanging around at home for a while, and it looked something like this:

Tomorrow, I’ll post the other colour, and I’d LOVE to hear which one you thought was nicer.  In the end, I took both colours off and changed it for a beautiful red, (one of my favourites reds EVER), which I’ll also post up later.

But I’l definitely go back to one of these natural shades, so DO let me know which one you thought was better on me.


ps the first photo is exactly how the colour looked on after two coats, the second photo looks rather pinker than it does in real life.


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