John Frieda Full Repair – SOS Hair in Distress Part 5

A while ago I went to the launch of the Full Repair from John Frieda.   I’ve been trying it out ever since, and I’ve got to tell you…. I LOVE IT!!!

Basically, just about every haircare range, from high street to premium, has jumped on the bandwagon of adding oil to the formulations to repair and replenish hair.  

First there was Ojon, then Moroccan Oil, with Argan Oil the current buzzword in haircare at the moment.  So when the range of Full Repair was launched, with the inclusion of the  Inca Inchi Oil, I thought to myself, here we go again.

Serves me right for being so sceptical.  (Eating my words right now).

Basically, this is a natural oil that comes from the Amazon rains forest, high in Omegas 3 and 6.  By incorporating it into the Full Repair range, the products are able to repair the look and feel of damaged hair, especially hair that is constantly subjected to heat appliances and styling. 

Now, I’m not one of those girls who is blowdrying her hair every morning and then tonging or straightening it again later in the day.  But my hair is damaged , dry and frizzy so I had a go at using the whole range.

My fine, yet frizzy barnet was transformed with just the use of the Full Body Shampoo and Full Body Conditioner, which I’ve now been using every time I wash my hair.  I’ve also tried the Deep Conditioner mask a couple of times, which didn’t weigh down my hair at all and rinsed out beautifully. 

The styling and treatment products all worked wonders too but I almost felt I didn’t need them on an everyday basis as the shampoo and conditioner worked SO well. Shiny, bouncy, “happy” hair that’s beautifully conditioned without being weighted down- my holy grail in a bottle.

Blowdrying my hair at home has become a breeze, as my hair just “listens” to what I ask it to do, so less trips the hairdressers for a blow-dry too – result!

(And even when I did have to go in for a blow-dry – guess what? I took the shampoo and conditioner with me to the salon and got them to use it on me!) 

Best of all?  This is not some madly-priced range that is going to break the bank or that you’ll only use on special occasions.  The Shampoo and Conditioner are only £5.69 each and the most expensive items in the range – the Perfect Ends Deep Infusion Serum and the Perfect Ends Sheer Mist – are only £6.99!  Even the Deep Conditioner Mask is only £5.99 for 150ml!

So I’ve sworn off hugely expensive shampoos and conditioners for a while.  These babies have got my vote and my purse strings.


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