By Terry Baume de Rose Lip Balm

My Twitter timeline has been full of various lipbalms the past couple of days, (which is useful as I’ve been working on a piece on lipbalms for

I digress.

So I thought I’d add my preferred balm to the must-haves going round.  My current fave is By Terry Baume de Rose, not least because it smells DIVINE!  I’m totally obsessed with anything that either smells of roses or has rose essence or rose oil in it, so it was pretty much a given that I’d be all over this one.

In fact, there is so much rose in so much of the By Terry range, that I love all of it, but again, I digress.

It’s also incredibly moisturising.  If I put it on at night, I wake up with super-soft lips.

But it’s way too pretty to only be used as a night-time treatment. And much too clever for that too.

My bare lips!

I love the look of it on bare lips.  A really thin application gives me that my-lips-but-better look.  Applied heavier, it gives me a blue-ish, lilac-ish tinge that makes my teeth look really white, even before I’ve invested in a much-longed-for teeth whitening treatment.

Very thin layer on bare lips
Thicker layer on bare lips

And did I mention it’s clever too? Not only moisturising, it stays on for ages, and is has an SPF 15.  So whether I wear it on its own or over lipstick, my lips are protected either way.

I’ve been using it with a lip brush but I’m rubbish at carrying a lip brush around with me, so when I’m out and about I use my finger to apply, and rub any excess left on my fingertips into my cuticles.

I hate waste-age, don’t you?



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