It’s no secret how much I love my Bare Minerals products.  On any given day, I’ll have at least one BM product on my face, and quite often, many more.  In fact, many’s the day when the whole face is Bare Minerals.

The one bugbear is the loose powder eyeshadows, which can tend to get messy when you’re rushing.  So get READY for this!

Launching today, Bare Minerals takes a giant leap into the world of pressed eyeshadows, starting off with duos and quads. There’s also the blushes, bronzers and Mineral Veil, which I’ll come to later.

Known for their fabulous mineral products, this is a big step, but fear not! They’ve not lost any of the mineral content.  In fact, if anything, the ingredient list is even better! Using something they call “solid mineral technology”, Bare Minerals have included their new proprietary SeaNutritive Mineral Complex, along with powerful antioxidants, cold-borage oil, caffeine and cucumber to deliver anti-ageing benefits including antioxidant protection to lift, tighten and revitalise the eye area, whilst delivering long-wearing colour with great payoff.

As ever, there are no nasties such as paragons, binders, fillers or other harsh chemicals.

I was going to do a Face of the Day with these little beauties, but as I’ve sprained my ankle, bashed both kneecaps and jarred both shoulder blades, I’m a little immobile (and feeling very sorry for myself), so I’ll have to post that later.

Here, though, are the photos of the products themselves.

Love the packaging!

Eyeshadow Duos:  L to R:
The Last Call: Shaken and On The Rocks
The Hidden Agenda: Stealth and Undercover

Eyeshadow Quads: L to R and clockwise within each quad:
The Truth: Serendipitous, Magnetism, Apropos and Fate
The Afterparty: Cheers, Mingle, Lights Down and Rowdy

Touch Up Veil SPF 15 in Translucent

Blusher: The Faux Pas
Bronzer: High Dive

I will post swatches and Face shots as soon as I feel up to it 🙂




  1. April 1, 2012 / 2:50 pm

    I’m one of those folks who definitely prefers the loose powders (both for blushes and eyeshadows), so won’t be getting any of the Ready products. I know that these have been in the works for a while now, though, so it’s great that folks will now (presumably) have an option: loose, or pressed. (Though it would be kind of neat if BE named things the same, if there’s a 1:1 correspondence, so that people could find their favorite color in the “other” version of product.)

    • April 1, 2012 / 3:11 pm

      Totally agree with your comment about corresponding shades so that those of us who already use and love BM would find it easy to make the transition.

      I’m quite used to being careful with my loose powders, but this will make it easier for me when I’m out and about – when I’m butter-fingers!!


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