Trust me. This is going to be HUGE! And it LAUNCHES TODAY!!

New skincare lines come along every week and while each one has a USP that justifies it existence. This one just has that something a little different.

First off, its provenance. If I asked you what a photographic film company and skincare had in common, I’d take a bet you’d be hard placed to find even one thing.

And that’s where you’d be wrong.

Astalift is the new skincare range from Fujifilm. Yes, you read that right, photographic film and camera people from Japan.


While it might, in the first instance, be hard to see the connection, bear with me and I’ll try to distill the immense amount of science down into something easily palatable.

Film, as we all know, degenerates with time. Leave an old-fashioned 35mm film in a canister for too long and the film disintegrates and loses quality. Scientists in Japan found the link between the film and skin ageing, bringing 70 years of research and development to the fore, including their findings into collagen research, the effects of antioxidation and nanotechnology.

We all know that collagen is an essential ingredient in youthful looking skin, but what we didn’t know is that it is also essential in photographic film. Antioxidants prevent images from fading in colour, just as they repair and protect the skin from UV damage. Using the knowledge gleaned from years of producing world class film to develop cutting edge skincare, Astalift is an anti-ageing range that has Japanese women, some of the world’s harshest skincare critics, raving about the results.

I’ve been using the Jelly Aquarysta for a while now, and the results, I have to say, are pretty impressive. My skin feels hydrated, firmer, more youthful and radiant. My pores are noticeably less noticeable, which was one of my main concerns. Essentially, you use it as a serum under your moisturiser, morning and night.

I’ve been using it along with Complete Make-Up Remover Oil and the Regenerating Day Cream. The oil is great at removing every bit of make-up, including every scrap of eye makeup and two (ahem, three), coats of mascara. The day cream feels thoroughly nourishing and keeps my normal skin feeling moisturised, plump and smooth all day.

You can use the Jelly Aquarysta under your regular creams, you don’t HAVE to use the whole range.
Oh, and I HAVE to tell you about the fab consistency. When you take a little out with the plastic scoop it comes with, after a around 30 seconds or so, the jelly’s surface re-corrects itself magically! The top is smooth again, shiny like glass, ready to use the next time. And while I’m talking about consistency, I should just say the jelly’s texture does take some getting used too. It’s almost like a super smooth caviar on the fingertips, but as soon as you spread it on the face, it just disappears into the skin in seconds. And no, its red colour won’t change skin to a bright carrot shade!

I will post my own pictures when I get back from holiday, so you can see the texture properly, hope these product shots will suffice in the meantime. :)) It starts at £26 for 15g, and you can also get a bigger pot, at £69 for 40g.

One more day in sunny Spain, and then it’s back to reality.


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  1. Anonymous
    18 October 2012 / 10:10 am

    Astalift un galicia, Coruña

    centro estética Bodybrite!!!!!

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