About three years ago, through healthy eating and regular exercise, both of which I kept to consistently, I managed to get back to my target, pre-marital weight.  This target weight had eluded me ever since I’d had my second child, and with the third child turning three, this felt like a huge achievement.  I felt so proud of myself and stuck to my good ways…for a while at least.  As they always say, it’s not losing weight and getting the shape you want that difficult, it’s keeping it there that’s the hard part.

Fast forward three years and my bad eating habits have ensured that I’m back to a weight and shape that I’m just not happy with.  There’s just no way that I would contemplate getting into a bikini this summer if things don’t change, and with the prospect of a possible Easter holiday looming on the horizon, it’s almost a state of emergency!

So when Maxitone asked if I’d like to be one of only six bloggers to take part in a 3-month challenge to see what (positive) changes I could make to my body following their nutritional and exercise advice, I jumped at the chance – I mean, who wouldn’t?

If I really think about why I said yes to the challenge, I guess it’s because I feel I’ve lost control of what I eat and what I look like.  Yes, you could say I’ve only got myself to blame, and I’d fully agree with you, 100%. But couple my vanity with the media constantly bombarding me with images of celebs looking great whatever the time of the year, (even if they’ve just had a baby three minutes before) and you’ve got a woman who’s never satisfied with her shape – but then again, I challenge you to find me a woman who’s truly honestly happy with herself.

I digress.  The reason I said yes to a programme that will last a quarter of the year (yikes!) is that I’m hoping it will help to cut out the rubbish I eat, nibbling when I’m not even hungry.  I’m fully expecting the progamme the nuritionists and fitness experts devise for me will allow me to remain as active as I am (I’m normally in the gym 3-4 times a week), while I’d love to introduce some new elements to this too.  I determined to start yoga and re-start pilates again this year, and I’ve even been looking into mediation as a means to re-focus myself. 

I’m sure just knowing that having to report in regularly will make me take control, put into practice everything I already know and learn new tools to keep me on trUltimately, if I can look more toned and defined, lose around 5 kilos and have the energy to live my life, I’ll be a very happy bunny.  And if I’m going to really get specific, I’d like super-toned defined legs and glutes. I mean, it’s not really that much to ask, is it?

Of course, I’m uber-excited to start, although I must admit I’m rather nervous to hear what the nutritionist will have to say about my food diary (we had to submit a diary of everything we’d eaten over three days).  Of course, just knowing I had to ‘fess up meant I was slightly better than I otherwise would have been, but I know there was still a lot of unnecessary chocolate in there – and I don’t even have a sweet tooth!  Normally three months would seem like an excessively long time for me to stick at anything, as I’m great at dieting for a short while.  Inconsistency is my middle name.  But knowing my personality, I love a challenge, so this is just up my street.

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that my key aim is to look good in my clothes and in my bikini.  But beyond that, I’m a true believer in exercise and eating right for health reasons, not least so that I feel less tired, have more energy throughout the day and have greater mental focus.  I’ve got a husband who’s a bit of a fitness freak, (for a few months, he was going to the gym twice a day, I kid you not!), so he’s always talking to me about the importance of regular, challenging exercise and protein intake, balancing food groups etc.  So I’m very aware that ideally I should be taking in 1gram of protein for every pound I weigh.  But I’m also calorie conscious, so I want high quality protein at the lowest possible calorie count – I mean, how many egg whites can a girl eat! He’s always on at me to take protein shakes to up the protein quotient of my daily diet – maybe this will kick start me into actually doing it!

Ultimately, if I could attain the slim, svelte, toned and defined body shape that Helena Christiansen had when she first came onto the fashion and modeling scene, (in my dreams!) that’d be perfection.  Or a modern day Kelly Brook? I’m all about the feminine curves.  But I’ve got to remember that I’ve had three babies, so that’s never really going to happen.  Perhaps the physique of a synchonised swimmer – strong, long lean muscles, minimum body fat, but not skinny, toned and athletic yet still feminine.  Yup that’d do me fine.  Bring it on! What? You’ve got to set the bar high to achieve what you want! Wish me luck!

I’ll be updating here regularly on my progress, and on the Maxitone Website so keep tuned!



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