Crocofever Nails from LCN

I’ve always loved the idea of Shatter and Crackle Effect on the nails but never really wore it with any conviction as I tend to think it looks a little too”grungy” for my personal style. 

However, as you probably know, I’m always partial to a little animal print, so the new Crocodile Effect nail varnishes from LCN called Crocofever are perfect for me. Edgy, not grungy, different but not in your face, the effect is subtle enough to wear daily without my nails screaming “Look at us!” 

It’s applied in much the same way as for the shatter varnishes. First, on goes the silver undercoat (over a base coat, of course).  Let that dry completely, then apply a thin coat of the red varnish over the top. It’s quite a thin formulation so it’s very easy to apply.  I ADORE the colour, and would love it separately  as a regular varnish, but that’s a by-the-by.

The effect was amazing to watch as  the red varnish (I used Ruby Forever) literally separated before my eyes to result in the intricate, very attractive patterns you can see on my nails. Nail Art without the hassle!

I think next time, I’ll apply an even thinner coat of red to make the croc effect pattern even bolder. 

These are the colour options, all shown with silver showing through:

Croco Eyes

Red Rescue

Black Leather

Ruby Forever

The Ruby Forever and Croco Eyes (the brown shade) are £6.40 each, while Red Rescue, a traffic-stopping orange based red, and Balck Leather are currently on promotion at £5 each.  You can use any colour you like under the Crocofever varnishes: I used silver, £8.75, as it gives such a great effect.  All are available from

Now all I need is a croc-effect bag to match my nails – any suggestions anyone? 

PS – these photos were taken two days after I applied and it’s still going strong – not bad for a special effect nail varnish, don’t you think?


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  1. February 6, 2012 / 5:41 pm

    Hmm this isn’t beauty or fashion related but i’m gunna write this anyway! LOL:)
    i Liked ur outfit btw:)
    i didnt know you went to a posh event for the marie claire blogger award?
    can i just ask you something.
    Who is marie claire? im guessing she’s somebody big! 😉 xxx

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