Beat the Bounce with Shock Absorber

The last time I remember jumping around on a trampoline was way-back-when, when my age still ended with the word “teen”.  But I do remember that I loved it, always felt happy after a session and it was hard to feel down about anything after bouncing around like a child.

So when Shock Absorber asked me to test out the new sports bras by checking out the bounce factor in a trampolining fitness class, I was first in line!

Before stepping onto the bounce machines, we were fitted for the correct style and size of the Shock Absorber Sports Bra. Most women are typically wearing the wrong size, even in a sports bra, so it’s always worth getting measured and fitted before you buy yours.  Especially as you’re running, jumping and moving around in it much more than you would in your regular day bra. There are no muscles in the breast, just your skin and ligaments supporting the tissue, so once you’ve stretched these ligaments, you can’t restore them.  Wearing a good sports bra such as this one could reduce breast bounce by upto 78%, so it’s worth getting it right.

Max Support Bra Top

Run Bra

The two new bras to launch are both in a fab red, white and blue – profoundly Team GB-esque for the coming Olympics.  Sadly I couldn’t put the new style, the Max Support Bra Top, to the test, as my size was not on the rail, but the good news is it IS actually available. Luckily enough, I was wearing an existing Shock Absorber that I already have, so I was all set to get jiggy!


In full swing 🙂

Glowing and so proud of ourselves!

Jennie Belcher from Boogie Bounce put us through our paces with an energetic, fast-paced and uber-fun workout on the mini trampolines.  Bouncing, jumping, dancing and even stomping like a tantruming child, we worked out our tension, stress and a fair amount of calories in the process, (400 pesky calories in an hour!) followed by a gentle mini-Pilates class fun by Caroline Sandry, a well-respected teacher and fitness presenter.

I definitely want to get myself a mini-trampoline to work up a sweat at home – apparently just 10 minutes of some serious jumping around on it is the equivalent of running a mile, which means that the half hour workout I did was a three mile run, without any of the impact on my joints.

The Shock Absorber Run Bra is £37 and the Max Support Bra Top is £30 and you can find out more on the Shock Absorber wesbite here.  And if you have a trampoline at home, you can find out more about how to do the workout here.



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