Still looking out for products that really perform to transform my hair from the dry, brittle head topping it has become, I decided to try an at-home detox.

I had such a great result from the detox treatment I had at the Daniel Galvin salon at the Corinthia Hotel, which you can read about here, that I got to thinking, why not a regular detox?

HairFix’s Advanced Recovery Collection is a three step programme that is so easy to do at home.  Fuss-free and not complicated at all, I could think of no excuse not to try it out.

There are two options, one for dry hair, one for fine hair.  Of course, I needed the dry hair version.  It literally took only a few minutes more in the shower than a regular shampoo and conditioner regime would.

Dry Hair option

Firstly, you use the Release Pre-Cleanser, which doesn’t foam up at all, so don’t feel you need to keep adding more and more product.  It gently detoxes the hair to remove minerals salts and silicone deposits that build up on the hair from all the products we use to clean, condition and style our hair.  Massage the product into the hair and scalp for a couple of minutes and rinse.

Then the Revive shampoo, which, unlike Release, gives a gratifying foam-up and saturates the hair shaft in keratin, whilst removing oily deposits and pollutants, all the while adding body to the hair.

Finally, the Replenish conditioner smoothes and moisturises the hair, leaving it shiny, swishy, glossy and frizz free.  The instructions tell you to leave it in just for a couple of minutes, but the second time I used it, I left it in for over five minutes, and it didn’t make my hair limp or lanky.  On the contrary.  Behold shine, bounce and movement that I’ve only experienced previously from a blow-dry at the hairdressers.

I’ve used it twice so far and it’s worked really well, so I’ll keep with it.  Ideally, you use this once a week, in between your regular shampoo/conditioner regime. It costs £29.70 for all three elements (including P+P), and it should last me 6 weeks.  Six detox treatments for the price a blow-dry – pretty good value, I think.

It’s made blow-drying my hair – usually the bane of my life – so much easier.  In fact, yesterday, I had visitors just after I’d washed my hair, so not only could I not get a hair dryer near it for ages, I was with company while my hair air-dried.  Usually, this would result in a head of frizz, but yesterday, my hair behaved like the best little girl in the class!

I love discovering new products, especially when they work as well as this.

What have been your favourite new discoveries?




  1. 27 December 2011 / 10:09 pm

    I would like to have a product that can detox my hair that way while moisturizing at the same time. My curly hair needs lots of care.

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