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I really wasn’t going write about this for a while yet, but the results on my skin have been so amazing in just three days that I felt I had to tell you about it straight away.  Truly, the difference has been so apparent that I’ve lost count of the number of comments I’ve had in the last 72 hours, including from the Other Half, who hardly ever comments on these things… that really gives you an idea of how noticeable the effects have been.


I don’t mean to sound smug, but I’ve never had problem skin, and never had spots.  Not even in my teenage years. I’ve probably inherited this from my mother, who still has amazing skin.  But at the end of October, from out of the blue, the skin on my jaw line and just under the jaw bone erupted.  (Payback for an easy ride up till now, perhaps?).  47 days later, (yes, I’ve been counting the days), it’s now finally nearly all gone, and looks like this:

(I’ll keep the piccie as small as possible, but close your eyes and scroll down if you’re feeling bad-skin sensitive!)

No make-up whatsoever, so please be charitable!

At the time that it was all very “active”, I used the fabulous Origins Super Spot Remover, high in salicylic acid, to help each little blemish on its merry way away from my face.

So now, I’m just on a mission to do the best I can by my skin.  I’m lucky that in my job I get to try out a whole range of products, treatments etc, be they cutting-edge high-tech or more natural, organic led.

I’ve recently tried some fab newly launched (and soon to be launched) overnight skin serums to help my skin repair and regernate itself and I have to say, they’re definitely worth the time and effort.

The one that really stands out for me is the Active Cell Renewal Night Serum from the relatively new skincare collection from Bare Minerals containing their ActiveSoil Complex, which I’ve been using under my regular night cream.

This skincare collection is the first from Bare Minerals, which has been one of my absolute favourite  make-up brands for the last 6 years.  (It’s been going for 35 years, but I discovered it 6 years ago). This very special range contains an “ActiveSoil Complex”, unique to the brand, which is literally an organic soil mineral concentrate that actively promotes cellular turnover, absorption and retention of moisture and has anti-oxidant properties to boot. According to Bare Minerals, the products contain more antioxidants than pomegranates or blueberries, the currently lauded superfoods.

With regular use, the products promise to not only help in the battle against ageing by boosting skin cell turnover, but to also reduce pore size, increase luminosity and give you back the softer, smoother skin you once had.  (When I think back to the launch, we were actually given a shot of the soil complex that we drank – yes, drank! – to show us how pure the complex is).

I thought I’d have to wait at least a month to see the results. No such need.

Within three days, the difference was palpable. Smoother, softer, more radiant, a more even skin tone – and the awful skin eruptions seem to have finally given up and are going away.  Today, after the fourth use, I woke up looking as if I was wearing make-up, (I promise I wasn’t), such was the luminosity to my skin.

There is a whole range, which I will do a separate post on later, especially the Pure Transformation Night Treatment which I aim to use in conjunction with the Serum, but I couldn’t wait any longer to share this with you!

It’ll be available in February 2012 for £38 and is a must-do.  If you do try it, please leave me a comment to let me know how you get on with it. I’d love to hear if you have the same results as me.


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  1. January 23, 2012 / 12:19 am

    I might just have to try this considering that my skin has been misbehaving for the longest time. After trying so many products to help my skin, I guess trying this won’t hurt!

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