Boots No7 Floral Brights Limited Edition & Beautiful Skin

As the days are shrinking and the winter really draws in, I love to look forward to the Spring months when I will no longer feel compelled to wear darker colours. I mean lets face it, my wardrobe consists of black, grey and more black. 
Boots previewed their new No7 collection of gorgeous spring colours and it certainly set my heart a flutter.  Designed again by none other than the very highly respected Lisa Eldridge, (who I was super-excited to meet), the collection comprises two gorgeous blushes, two lipsticks, a very wearable eyeshadow palette and a very clever highlighter, all limited edition.
The eyeshadow palette is the stand out product for me. The colours have been carefully thought out, so that a soft pink and three shades ranging from beige through to brown allow for a barely-there nude eye that can be vamped  up and smoked out for the evening.  The finishing touch? The little hit of yellow to really illuminate the inner corner of the eye. 
The highlighter will be great for lifting sallow skin that’s been starved of sun over the winter months. The peach undertones keep it very wearable and it’s so sheer it’s almost impossible to overdo it. Lisa was wearing loads but it just looked pretty and radiant. 

The cream blushes blend beautifully with the fingers.  My olive skin tone prefers the Blossoming Pink for a natural coral flush, but Blooming Pink is great for a real hit of pink on the cheeks. 

The two lipsticks to complement the blushes in the same shade names will suit everyone. The sheer glossy finish will feel just right for Spring after months of darker heavier lipsticks. 

Finish your Spring face with the extravagant Volume Mascara. The new multi-bristle brush imparts the volumising formula to give lashes a false lash effect. 

 BB Creams are all over the place right now.  No7 launches theirs with all the skincare properties we’ve come to expect from them. SPF15 and 5* UVA comes as standard for No7 , but this hardworking little beauty will also work as an illuminator and moisturiser. Not only this, but No7 are not trying to make one size fit all. It will come in three variants for three different skin types. 

My other favourite from the new launch is the Airbrish Away Primer. Not so long ago, I never thought to use a primer. Now, it’s like second nature to use one before foundation. Even if I’m not wearing foundation (and I rarely do), I still like to use use a primer just to even out skin tone and reduce the appearance of any fine lines and enlarged pores – ugh, I’m beginning to sound like an ad! 
Anyhow, this primer is great under foundation and even on its own. and it’s obviously hypo-allergenic too, a factor that’s really important to me right now as my skin seems to have gone into sensitive overdrive 🙁
There’s also a whole new range of skincare called Beautiful Skin, offering a two step regime, kicking the toning stage on its head. Yup, that’s right, go straight from cleansing to moisturising. Which I rarely do anyway, so that wouldn’t make much difference to me. 
What I do like about this range is that for each skin type, No7 are offering two formulas for cleansing:  wash-off and wipe-off.  Great for a lazy girl like me who hates splashing her face with water at night as it leaves me too wide awake to sleep. Contrarily, I love that feeling in the morning to wake me up. 
The man behind this range is Dr  Mike Bell, the same name that was behind the immensely successful Protect & Perfect Intense Day Cream.  This is possibly aimed at a younger audience, and is a great introduction to a daily skin regime, but the quality and integrity of the products remains classic No7. 


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