The best things come in small packages and the newly opened Daniel Galvin salon at the beautiful new Corinthia Hotel in London’s Whitehall Place is no exception.  

Situated on the mezzanine floor of the newly refurbished hotel, this little oasis of calm has only nine seats, along with a private styling room for ultimate in luxury, but more on that later. The salon is exemplary in attention to detail, with  experienced stylists who really KNOW hair.

There’s not much that would tempt me to get up bright and early on a Saturday morning and board the Underground, especially for a hair appointment, but for this experience, I was prepared to make an exception. 

A very sorry state

Breakfast – Yum!

And so I found myself braving the Northern Line, en route for a hair treatment and blow dry, with a choice of the vegetable dye or the Detox Miracle treatment. As I’m on a mission to repair and rejuvenate my tresses, I went for the detox in an attempt to bring back a healthy shine. Coffee and a consultation was followed by a wash and the treatment by the very charming Nathan, who was looking impossibly gorgeous for so early on a Saturday morning!

The very gorgeous Nathan applies the detox
It’s just few bottles but it’s about to work magic

A wash with Kerastase Volume was followed by the detox solution, applied and left to work its magic for two minutes. A quick wash and conditioner and I was whisked away to experience the transformative powers of stylist Graham Hamp.  Without tugging or pulling at my hair (which I hate, by the way as I just sit there imagining all my hair being broken off) and without back combing or Velcro rollers, Graham managed to achieve the volume, movement and bounce I can usually only dream of. Graham is a man who KNOWS hair – he’s been in the business for nigh-on twenty years and has attended to the tresses of many a demanding celeb.

Et voila!

With Graham Hamp

My dream hair appointment would be me, in the private styling room, surrounded by loads of Champagne and chocolates having my hair done whilst ordering lunch from one of the amazing restaurants downstairs in the hotel….. But I’ll leave that to the A-List celebs, Saudi princesses and the like who I’m sure will be hiring the room for very personal hair and styling sessions.

The hotel also boasts the flagship ESPA salon, ESPA Life, the largest in Europe.  You could spend not just one day here, but a whole week, and still not have exhausted all it has to offer, but I’ll leave that for a separate blog post…. here are just a few photos to tickle your fancy.




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