Leighton Denny Your Planet Or Mine NOTD

I’m totally loving all the holographic and multi-dimensional nail varnishes that are around at the moment.

Leighton Denny’s latest collection entitled Atmospheric boasts some really ethereal shades, and I’m slowing working my way through the range.  Currently on my fingers is this deep marine green which almost looks like a gleaming black pearl in some lights and is super glossy before you’ve even added a top coat.  It looks very teal-like in the picture below, but that’s not really a true representation of how it really looks, neither in the bottle nor on the nails.  It’s a much more complex colour than this visual gives it credit.

It definitely needs two coats.  The first coat applied a little unevenly on some nails, but the second coat sorted that all out pronto.

Taken with flash on
No flash, but interior lighting

It’s really difficult to photograph properly so I hope you get an idea – enough of a taster to make you want to wear it yourself.  I’m loving it  🙂


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