Le Wonderland de CHANEL

I am fast feeling like I must be the only writer (be it beauty or fashion) that didn’t make it down to the press preview of the Chanel takeover of Harrods yesterday.  Blogs up and down the country are awash with images (which only make me want to go and see it even more), as are the London press.  So what did I miss and what does the event hold in store for us? 

Well, this is a pop-up store, but not as you know it.  This could well be the pop-up to end all pop-ups!  All the windows are devoted to Chanel right now and will be for the duration.  Each window is slightly surrealistic, using Karl Lagerfeld’s fabulous creations for the Autumn-Winter collection in a fairy tale setting.  

The main attraction is the “Une Promenade” installation located in the 350m2 space on the third floor.  It’s a veritable “Coco in Wonderland” – walk through a curtain of beads to enter, almost like walking through a shower of pearls, to find the world of Coco Chanel brought to life.  There are packs of wolves, unicorns, owls and deer and so much more in this fairytale land, and none of it is for sale!

The ground floor’s fashion boutique is encased in a black and white exterior, and inside it’s divided into three rooms – one red, one green and one blue –  to show off the seasons new fashions in style.  Mannequins abound, lounging around in unexpected places, looking uber-glamourous.  Don’t miss the fab super-sized quileted 2.55 Chanel bag – another must see of the exhibition.

The beauty boutique is also on the ground floor, and yesterday super-manicurist Sophy Robson was giving women mini-manicure-makeovers….rumour has it that Marian Newman many also make an appearance.

To mark the occasion, you may want to get your hands on the exclusively designed £1,830 “Harrods Green” shopping bag….. or maybe not.  Rest assured, though, you won’t be able to resist making at least one purchase, even if it is just a lipgloss….or two.

Obviously, this post is rather like taking a walk around with your eyes closed, as I don’t have any images yet, but use your imagination! And think of it this way, it will be even more amazing when you see it for real!  The Chanel takeover will run for three weeks from today.  From the sounds of it, it’s worth taking a day off work to really luxuriate in the whole Chanel experience.  Will you be going? I know I will!

PS I’ll add images to this once I have them


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