Joan Collins OBE named CEW Lifetime Achiever 2011

I love the timeless glamour and beauty of old Hollywood, so I was super happy to read today that Cosmetic Executive Women (CEW) has announced this year’s Lifetime Achiever to be Joan Collins OBE, the epitome of this glamour.

CEW says “She is one of us. She takes care of her skin, she loves makeup and keeps her face out of the sun. Granted she was obviously born with wonderful genes…”  No kidding! Yes, she may wear a lot more make-up than I could get away with, but that doesn’t take away from how beautiful her bone structure is and how she’s kept her figure without surgical intervention.  

Not only do I think Joan is stunningly naturally beautiful, she is a great role model for modern beauty and it’s for all these reasons she’s been given the award.  She “does not approve of actresses who live on a lettuce leaf and cucumber slice” and is “appalled by the number of women who dress up but don’t bother to take care of their skin or wear any make-up.”  She has weathered the pressure to go under the knife, unlike some of her contemporaries, and says it’s all about “discipline and eating less.”

Writing books and articles (she has four books just about beauty and her personal style under her belt), she’s still working on TV and movie projects, travels both for work and pleasure between her many homes and looked amazing in her recent Hello! magazine spread.  Yes, I love her! 

I’ll be grappling to get a ticket to the awards event – will you?  


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