Chanel Peridot

Yet again, Chanel has produced the most recognisable, covetable and beautiful nail colour for the season.

Peridot is one of three nail varnishes in the Illusions D’Ombres de Chanel, all of which are inspired by the effects of materials adorning the nails.  I could call these metallics, but that would do them a disservice.

The myriad of shimmers, shine and reflections glisten away on the end of the fingers, catching the light with every turn of the hand.  I find myself staring at my hand during quiet moments.  The green and gold intertwine and dance in the light, sometimes looking slightly yellow, other times looking like a deep green citrine, all with a very high shimmery-shine, almost like a moire effect.

With so many nail varnishes to try out on an ongoing basis, it’s rare that I wear the same shade twice, but this one I will definitely be rocking again.  And I managed to get my hands on Graphite, the limited edition colour, so I’ll post some pictures of that one very soon!


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