The Chris James Cleanse

I’m a great fan of detoxes, in theory.  I’m always talking about going on a detox, always looking at different
options, but never quite committing to them.  I’ve done some great ones in the past, including the Elizabeth Gibaud detox and the Ultrabody Detox, which you can read about here.

In general, I consider myself to be quite a healthy person.  I try to eat healthy, exercise regularly, not too many vices too often, and am lucky not to have a sweet tooth.  So all in all, not too much nonsense going on in that department.  But recently, I’ve been getting more and more fed up with waking up exhausted, never quite feeling I’ve got the energy needed to face the day, and am usually drained by 5pm-ish.  That can’t be good, I’m thinking.  I need to clean out the system, give my body a rest from any toxins that it has to cope with  and let it get on with the business of actually just functioning as it should. A light came on in my head – I need to detox!!

A chance flutter of tweets on Twitter with some like minded girls found me investigating The Chris James Cleanse.  I read up about it and I liked what I read – when I went through the checklist of ailments that would or could be sorted out, I could tick every one!

Increase energy levels – check!
Boost your immune system – check!
Experience glowing skin – check!
Drop a dress size – check!
Eradicate toxins – check!
Improve digestion – check!
Enhance mental clarity – check!
Regulate bowel movements – check!
Enjoy sound refreshing sleep – check, check, check!

In fact, this detox could have been written and prescribed with me in mind.

I needed no further encouragement.  I was sold.  Hook, line and sinker.  Even the rather bold claim on the website, “A brand new you in 12 days! didn’t have the usually cynical me reaching for the sick bucket.

I ordered the pack that contains a) the supplements that you take for the duration of the twelve days and b) the booklet that tells you what to do, step-by-step and started to prepare myself mentally for what was to come.

Part of the preparation included telling friends that I was likely to see during the detox what I was upto – the last thing I needed while I would be suffering was a friend trying to encourage me to eat a cream cake!

So it was just a case of waiting for the pack to arrive……..

To be continued………

Elizabeth Gibaud detox


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