The Chris James Cleanse – Phase Two

So on to Day Four, and the beginning of Phase Two – Preparation – for the next three days.  The energy levels are still high, the tummy is still flatter than it’s been for ages and not for a moment am I regretting the £80 that I spent on this.  There are even more supplements to take from here on in, and I can’t keep track of them all, morning and night, so I have to refer to the booklet all the time, which is a bit of a bore, but not a deal-breaker.  From here on in, psyllium husks are taken morning and night to help fill you up and provide essential fibre.  I’m not at all hungry for breakfast as a result, (the supplements are taken before breakfast, along with a cup of hot water and lemon) so I have to force myself to eat my muesli to start the day right.  Other supplements include Milk Thistle, Vitamin C in super strength, Supergreens (Spriulina, Chlorella etc.) and a Probiotic.  Although the focus during this phase is on eating raw food as much as possible, I couldn’t resist making the Spicy Bean Burgers again for dinner.  Strangely, my appetite has shrunk and I am full up on half the food I used to eat.  But the tummy is looking rather rounder by the end of the day than it has done of late, although I’m not uncomfortable or feeling bloated at all.

Day Five and everything is still working efficiently, if you know what I mean, so I’m a happy bunny!  Energy levels are still high and hunger pangs are low.  The psyllium husks are really doing their job.  Only managed to eat breakfast at 10am and lunch was just for the sake of it, not because I was ravenous.  As recommended by Chris James, I’m trying (without much success) to chill out as much as possible so today was spent swatching and taking photos in the garden – bliss!  A scrumptious beetroot soup was hearty enough to fill me up at dinner, and a late night bite of a handful of almonds served as a midnight snack.  My skin is feeling super-soft right now.

As I wake up on Day Six, I can’t believe I’m almost halfway through and the day just whizzes by, until I realise that I need to shop for all the fruit and veg for the next three days of juicing, so I’m rushing into Waitrose literally 15 minutes before it closes to stock up.  With half of the contents of the fruit and veg shelves in my trolley, I ‘m ready for the next three days of juicing…..

To be continued……


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