The Chris James Cleanse – Phase Three

The Power Phase – that’s what these three days are called.  Exist just on fresh fruit and vegetable juices for 72 hours.  Actually, let me reassure you straight off that it really isn’t as bad as it might sound.  Perhaps it’s that the stomach is used to eating less, perhaps it’s the supplements (it’s now double the number of psyllium husk capsules daily) – either way, it’s working.  These are the three days that you are supposed to do as little as possible…. huh, as if!  Day Seven, the first day of juicing, finds me hot-footing it to the V&A Museum to The Cult of Beauty exhibition, so I make and take a juice with me. By the end of the day I feel like something is missing, a dull kind of emptiness, but not hunger.  Perhaps it’s the lack of chewing anything solid?

I’m really trying to make the most of these juicing days, so wherever possible I’m trying to have green or vegetable juices – kale, spinach, celery, even lambs lettuce.  But I do try to convince myself  that I’m eating (or drinking?) vaguely normally, so for dinner on Day Eight, I have a vegetable juice for dinner, followed by a fruit juice for dessert!  But by the end of the the second day of juicing I am probably at my lowest point of the detox so far – super-tired and lethargic. Not hungry at all, just feeling dull, dull dull.

Thankfully, I wake up on Day Nine feeling fine, and especially happy that it’s the last day of juicing.  Although the ‘regularity’ has stopped, (probably due to the lower levels of fibre being consumed), I’m still such a happy bunny! I’ve not felt hungry, not even once, I’ve not been thinking about food all the time and WOAH!!! Is that really my skin staring back at me?  I wake up to radiant, fresh, glowing skin.  This detox has so been worth it!  With a spring in my step, I really enjoy the day’s juicing, knowing all the while that tomorrow will be back to real food……..

To be continued…….


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