A lovely couple of hours spent at the Harvey Nichols press day today threw up quite a few gems, so look out for a whole host of blog posts coming your way over the next few days.

The Lipsticks, in their cute little cases, lined up in the front

First up, I just had to write about the Serge Lutens line of lipsticks – totally divine, but at a price!  If you winced at the thought of paying £36 for a Tom Ford lipstick, you’ll keel over at the £56 prices rage on these tiny little lipsticks. And I mean tiny.  Probably no bigger than half a regular sized lipstick.

But. There’s always a but, isn’t there? 

The lipsticks are super high in pigment which means you really only need very little to perfect that pout. I tried all the shades on the back of my hand (and stupidly didn’t take a picture, *duh*) and every single one of them, from the palest pastel through to the deepest cranberry, suites my Indian skin tone.  Now, how often can you say that of any other lipstick range? Although of course, that would make choosing which one to buy all the more difficult. See, there’s always a “but”!  

And I should add, the three darkest shades are still very visible on the back of my hand as I type, 9 hours later.  Obviously I wouldn’t expect the lipstick to last that long on my lips, but still, 9 hours on the back of my hands is pretty good going.  He’s got my £56 in the bag.

Aha! Now you can actually see the shades.  Aren’t they gorgeous?

The Water Lip Colour, in Plum, (no photo, sorry), would also be a firm favourite.  It works like a stain, not unlike Benefit’s Benetint, but such a natural colour for my lips that I could see myself using it every day.

Serge Lutens is an iconic name in the world of fashion and beauty, his accomplishments too many to mention here.  His fragrances are sold all over the world, the most well known being Ambre Sultan.  His make-up is directional, elegant, intensely covetable and priced accordingly.  The Blush retails at a cool £111, while the mascara is a cool £36.

But. It all works just as you wish every make-up should, in an ideal world.  If you’re looking for high performance, prestige products that will have your friends lusting over your make-up bag, hot foot it to Harvey Nichols.

PS I apologise for the totally rubbish photos – it was so ultra busy at the Press Day, it was the best I could manage 🙁


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