As the winter months sap our skin of all colour and vitality, it’s time to look for a little extra help to bring the oomph back into our complexions.
Two new products from premium make-up brand New CID are ready to do just that, with new additions to their already successful i-gloss and i-glow ranges.  The on-trend but wearable shades help to maintain the hard-won summer glow and brighten the skin, lifting the sallow tones, and replacing them with coral hues.

The i-gloss in Coral Candy (£15.50) is the perfect handbag companion, day and night.  Worn alone in the day, it is a high gloss pink coral shade that adds lift to the lips with the perfect shade of pink on all skin and hair tones, from fairest blondes to the darker duskier skin tones, such as my own.  Every time I’ve taken it out of the make-up bag to apply it, it’s drawn ooh’s and aaah’s from friends, as they see the built-in lights and mirror that make it perfect for touch-ups on the go, even in dark nightclub!  I really think I need one in each handbag, coat pocket and even the car’s glove compartment!

The truly versatile i-glow in Coral Blush (£23.50) is a beautifully blended marbelised baked powder that combines a range of pinks and highlighter shades in a sturdy, if somewhat bulky, compact.  They say, “it’s the perfect pick-me-up for dull and tired skin” and I’d have to say yes, it is, but do be aware that it does have a strong sheen to it.  

Trialling it in both day and night scenarios, it’s proved truly versatile, with a light application perfect for the day, the sheer wash of colour perking up the winter-dull skin.  At night, sweep on two or three light layers to build up the colour to the desired effect.  Perfect for the party season, it will give your cheekbones that celeb-worthy camera-ready sheen that is so popular right now. 



  1. 21 November 2010 / 4:58 pm

    I was really looking forward to trying something from this brand and I am so glad I didn’t buy blind because when I swatched them, the blushers were SO glittery. I think you could wear them at Xmas time with a light hand but I could never get away with wearing them on a daily basis.

  2. 21 November 2010 / 10:06 pm

    Depending on your make-up style, I think you could be right. I’ve worn the blusher for daytime looks, but only when I’m actually going somewhere special, not just to go grocery shopping!

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