I think I’m a little in love with OPI at the moment! Most of my recent NOTD posts have been OPI, so I have made a note to myself to be a little more promiscuous in my choice of nail varnish brands in future, just to be fair!

But this one, Just A Little Rosti At This from the A/W Swiss Collection is set to be a classic in my nail wardrobe.  It’s perfect burgandy for my skin tone, a rich creamy claret with just the right mix of red and merlot and I can see myself wearing this every day for a groomed, well-presented look.  It’s not so bright that it screams “look at me!” and it’s not so dark that it lends itself exclusively to party mode.  You could almost say it’s a neutral colour (if you get my drift) and can be worn with just about any look and is perfect for the coming winter months.

What do you think of it?


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