It’s about time I put up a NOTD posting.  I’m over due by at least four manicures.

Oh the shame of it!
I was sent two fabulous new colours by OPI launching their new line, Nicole by OPI.  Obviously, when asking my husband which he thought I should put on last night, he went with the ever predictable red option, so of course I went with this lovely vibrant violet shade.

Taken indoors, with the lights on, no flash

It definitely needs two coats to give it the depth and intensity you can see here, but it goes on very easy and doesn’t streak or “shift”.  They say the colour is “purple haze meet dawn’s early light” and I kind of agree.   When the sun shines on it (if by some miracle we get some rays!), it takes on an almost other-world violet effect, rather like the Estee Lauder Surreal Violet eye palette, as if it’s lit from within.  It’s so striking, I can’t remember the last time I had so many compliments on a nail colour.  Oh, alright then. It’s on par with Chanel’s Paradoxal and the mad blue I’m currently rocking by Mavala – new NOTD post on that one coming soon.

Taken  outdoors (obviously) with a purple umbrella, just for fun!

Compliments aside, if it’s as long lasting as the regular OPI polishes, then I’m a very happy bunny.

Cant wait to try the other shade I’ve been sent, Berry Sweet, which promises to be “the sweetest shade of strawberry red”.

What do you think of it?



  1. October 3, 2010 / 7:23 pm

    beautiful colour and looks lovely on you. Love how its looks really luxe.

  2. October 4, 2010 / 7:59 pm

    Thanks, Bella Queen, and I’m delighted to say that 8 days later, it still looks just as good as it did at the beginning. More Nicole by OPI for me, please!

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