We’ve all read the multitude of magazine articles about the capsule make-up bag for sunny holidays, how less is more and how three key products can ‘make’ your holiday face…blah blah blah.  Heck, I’ve even written my fair share of these magazine and website articles.

Minamalist or the full Monty?
So how does it translate into reality?  Well, I’m truly ashamed to say that this time round, I’m really not practising what I preach.  I’m not proud of it, and I’m hoping that owning up to it here on this blog will make me see the error of my way and I’ll empty out half of pots and tubes I’ve pack before leaving…… but hey, who am I kidding.  The likelihood is actually that I’ll be adding the odd lipgloss, eyeliner and a couple of mascaras for good measure before the suitcase is firmly shut.

Watch out for the next post – the full fess-up. Yes guys, the Blogroll of Shame!


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