Chanel Paradoxal NOTD

Yes! I managed to get two – yes, two! – bottles of this little beauty while on holiday.  It wasn’t easy, mind.  I think I trekked down to the store four or five times, in the searing midday heat of southern Spain, to see if the new seasons collections had come into stock.  Finally the sales assistant took pity on me (or just wanted me to stop bugging her!) and gave me her personal phone number so that I could call ahead to check.  Finally, twelve bottles arrived, and the darling that she is, she saved me two!

How I’ve managed to keep the bottle closed and not use it for almost a week and half is beyond me.  I obviously have much more will power than I thought.  But I was waiting for a whole evening when no-one would disturb me… see how my busy life is!

And here it is.  I think it was worth the wait.  Base coat underneath, of course, two coats and a fast drying top coat later, this is the end result.  A little bit grey, a little bit purple and super glossy even without the top coat.

Chanel has been producing the “It” colour for nails ever since “Rouge Noir”, worn famously by Uma Thurman in cult movie, Pulp Fiction.  Chanel describe it as “a grey violet plum that dresses the hands in an enchanting colour”, but I don’t think it’s a plum myself, more the deepest aubergine colour I’ve ever seen, shot through with the grey.

I’m often wary about shades that are hailed as being THE colour of season, as oftentimes they don’t quite work with Indian skintones.  But this is one hits the spot.  It looks great on, (I think), even with the deep tan that I have left over from holiday, and I can imagine it would look amazing on fair skin.  The contrast would be magnificent.

Definitely worth it, if you can bear the waitlist.

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