So, I’ve come to the end of my month’s worth of the Ultra-Body Detox that I was testing out, and I’m happy to say, I can see the difference.

Without changing my diet, my workout programme, or anything else for that matter, this yummy powder, added to water and drunk once a day, has worked it’s magic to flush out all the nasty toxins from my body, and given my whole system an overhaul, without going down the dreaded colonic irrigation route that has me shaking in my shoes!

My skin is now clearer and I feel like I have more energy – since doing this detox, I’ve completed a 10K charity run and an intense bootcamp weekend (more on that in my next blog post!) and still feel fine!

My favourite part of it all? Well, apart from the fact that I actually liked the taste, my tummy is noticeably flatter. Now, I’m not for a second saying that the detox has melted away the wobbly bits – that really would be something to shout about!. No, what I mean is I don’t feel bloated by the end of the day, no more stomach cramps, (as a past sufferer of IBS, this is fabulous), and, without going into the detail, I’m definitely more regular now.

So I guess what this easy detox has done has given me a New Improved Me – one that functions properly! I’ll definitely do this detox again, probably twice a year to keep me in check.


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