Let’s face it, even on the days when we say we’re not wearing any make-up, we won’t really set foot outside the house without some tinted moisturiser, or a quick slick of mascara just to open up the eyes.  And yes, lipgloss or a shiny lipbalm DOES count as make-up!!!

So today’s challenge to myself was absolutely no make-up AT ALL!  Yup, you read that right!  I am that person who kids herself that a tiny bit of mascara doesn’t really count as make-up because my eyelashes are already so long, but who am I fooling?  The very fact that I feel I need it just confirms that it is making a noticeable change to my face and the way it looks – at least to me and my confidence to face the world.

So today, the beauty routine started and ended with the moisturiser. (And of course, my eye cream, but surely no-one in their right mind could call that make-up, could they?).  And I was ready for the onslaught of comments.  You know…. like “you’re looking tired today”, “are you feeling a little under the weather?”, “late night last night, was it?”…. you get the picture.

To my utter astonishment…. nothing! Not a dickie bird! Either all my friends, and the people in my local M&S who see me almost every day, are in need of an eye-test or they are being ultra-kind and are not saying anything…..who knows?

What I do know is that as I get ready to hit the sack tonight, the cleansing and skincare routine will take a fraction of the time it normally takes.  And that is worth any number of comments I could have received!        


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