I’ve had probably the gentle-est blow-dry I’ve ever experienced, courtesy of Schwarzkopf and Valerie of Brooks & Brooks Hairdressing.  But don’t be fooled (as I previously was) that gentle cannot equate to effective….oh no! Not at all!  My eyes have been opened to the right way to blow dry my hair (and save me many hours of arm-ache as I try to blow-dry, and heart-ache, as I see my stubbornly fluffy hair persistently parading itself on my head).


Before the blow-dry, my oh-so-fine hair (which was super-frizzy from having been swimming the day before) was washed and conditioned with the newly launched Straight and Glossy from Schwarzkopf
and then came the epiphany.  Rather than rough dry my hair, upside down, as I would usually do, Valerie gently dried the hair, using the nozzle, always pointing the hairdryer down the hair shaft.  Now, I’m no rookie when it comes to blow-drying, but I am rather lazy, reserving this time consuming art for the actual styling part of the blow-dry.

But from here on in, I’ll be gentle all the way! Without pulling on my hair while drying and styling (another habit of mine, I pull and tug in a mistaken attempt to straighten and smooth the hair into submission!), Valerie managed to  create a beautiful, smooth style with just the right amount of bounce to take me back to the office and out later for drinks.  I’m sure the very keenly priced new shampoo and conditioner (only a mere £1.95 each) played a big part in making sure there was no frizz, even as I write, the day after the blow-dry.

The real test will be trying to recreate the texture with the shampoo and conditioner and the smoothness of the blow-dry using all the fab tips that Valerie imparted, but for once I’m feeling pretty confident.  I’ll post again once I’ve had a go myself, and depending on the result and how self-deprecating I’m feeling, I might even post another couple of pics.

Meanwhile, what do you think of these before and after pics?


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